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Hello there, now we talk about Bluehost Review: is Bluehost legit. Nowadays, there is a high demand for website building and at the same time, there is an increase in offerings of web hosting. Different types of web hosting from different companies have been offered. One of the companies’ web hosting largest and earliest in the world is Bluehost.

In the world of web hosting, the name Bluehost is already known to many as one of the companies web hosting that is very concerned about the quality of web hosting services.

They also often improve the performance and features of web hosting so that their customers are satisfied with the services provided.

Before you continue reading about the quality and service provided by Bluehost, it is better that you know the brief background of this giant company first.

Bluehost At A Glance

Bluehost Review

BlueHost Review Detail

  • Name: BlueHost
  • Website:
  • Special Offer: Get Free Instant Access Here
  • Owners: BlueHost
  • Overall Rating: 3.2/5 [Trustpilot]
  • Summary: Bluehost is a leading web hosting solutions company. Since our founding in 2003, Bluehost has continually innovated new ways to deliver on our mission: to empower people to fully harness the web.totally legit.
  • Who it’s for: Everyone.

Not many people know that Bluehost was founded in 1996 as a provider company web hosting free. They were formerly called and changed their name to Bluehost in 2003.

Since its inception, they have over 750 employees as well as manage over 2 million websites worldwide. Although Bluehost has been established for over 15 years, the quality of service is always maintained to meet customer satisfaction.

This giant company provides services and features web hosting that is very suitable for all types of businesses.

Having long operated as a provider of web hosting worldwide, the stability of its performance and quality of service is undeniable. It is one of the providers of web hosting best in the world.

Bluehost Review

There are various criteria for web hosting that we can look at to determine the overall quality of a web hosting provider. Among them are website speed, data protection, overall performance, ease of use through the control panel, and uptime.

The type of web hosting most popular is shared hosting. However, Bluehost also offers various other types of web hosting for your choice. The types of hosting offered by Bluehost are:-

  • Shared Hosting
  • WordPress hosting
  • Managed WordPress Hosting
  • VPS hosting
  • Dedicated Hosting
  • Email Hosting

Advantages and Disadvantages of Bluehost

To help you get an initial overview of Bluehost, here is a brief overview of the advantages and disadvantages of using Bluehost:

Advantages of Bluehost

  • 99.9% Guarantee Uptime
  • Very fast server speed
  • Daily data backup for each hosting plan
  • Very easy to use – User friendly
  • web hosting Flexible and easy-to-develop
  • Free domain and SSL provisioning
  • Datacenter location close to Malaysia
  • Responsive customer support service
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Giving website builder free
  • Multiple app integrations

Lack of Bluehost

  • Price increase during subscription renewal
  • Unlimited hosting has limits
  • Expensive upgrades and feature additions
  • No Windows / Hosting
  • No free website transfers
  • There is no focus on specific types of hosting

Do you need any special skills before you can use Bluehost?

For each plan of web hosting offered, Bluehost provides a very easy-to-use control panel system that is CPanel.

Even if you have no experience in building a website or do not know much about the names of components in the server, CPanel provided is very easy to use.

The provided Cpanel allows you to either build a website through WordPress, create an online store through WooCommerce, upload regular blogs, and much more.

Not only that, if you face any problems regarding the website, you can also contact the customer support service provided to immediately get a solution.

Hosting Prices/Plans

There are many hosting plans that consist of various functions web hosting different offered by Bluehost. Here is a brief table of prices and key features for each web hosting offered on Bluehost.

Bluehost Review pricing

As shown in the table above, the types of hosting offered have different prices and costs. This is because it depends on the purpose
of your website and the amount of power, you need to build and manage the operation of your website.

Not only that, all the plans offered include 24-hour customer support to resolve any issues you may encounter.

Shared Hosting

Shared hosting is the most popular and cheapest hosting plan for every customer.

Bluehost Malaysia offers 4 shared hosting plans for you to choose from.

Basic Web hosting

The basic web hosting plan is the cheapest plan and has the fewest features that Bluehost has to offer. This plan limits the
construction and management of the website to only 1 website.

Although it is offered at the cheapest price, this basic plan also provides domain name, SSL registration, and web builder free during registration.

This plan is actually suitable for those who are new to website building and makes it easier for you to manage only one website.

It also provides a storage limit of 50GB and email storage of 100MB per account.

For new registrations, the promotional price offered is $ 2.95 per month for a 3 -year subscription. The price will increase to $ 8.99 a month after the end of the first 3 years of subscription.

Bluehost only offers annual payments for all of their shared hosting plans. This means you can only subscribe to their web hosting for at least a year.

However, it is highly recommended that you choose to subscribe for 3 years because it is more economical than if you only want to subscribe for one year only.

To give a clear picture of the basic plan prices offered by year, you can see the list below.

  • 12 months – $5.95 / month
  • 36 Months – $2.95 / month

Plus Web Hosting

Plus this web hosting is suitable for those who have many websites because there is no limit to the websites you can build with this plan of web hosting.

In addition, the plan also offers data transfer speeds, storage limits, unlimited email accounts, and unlimited email storage. So if you are managing and have more than 1 website, this plan is right for you.

The plan also provides domain names, SSL registration as well as free web builder during registration. The barrier feature Spam of SpamExperts is also included in this plan.

The price offered in the plus plan web hosting is $ 6.95 per month for a one-year subscription and $ 4.95 per month if you choose to subscribe for 3 years.

This promotional price will increase to $ 11.00 per month after the expiration of your initial subscription.

The table below shows the prices of plus plans web hosting offered by year.

  • 12 months – $7.45 / month
  • 36 Months – $5.45 / month

Choice Plus Web hosting

This Choice Plus plan is actually more or less the same as the previous plus plan which is data transfer speed, storage limit,
unlimited email account, and unlimited email storage.

They just added 2 more website application features that are useful for you, namely Domain Privacy and 1 SiteBackup Pro. Domain Privacy helps protect personal data information generated by your website.

While SiteBackup Pro also helps provide a complete backup of your website content in the event of loss of your website data. This
The backup feature is very useful so that you do not lose all the work you have done in building the website.

The price offered in the choice plus plan web hosting is $ 6.95 per month for a one-year subscription and $ 4.95 per month if you choose to subscribe for 3 years.

This promotional price will increase to $ 16.99 per month after the expiration of your initial subscription.

Below is a brief price list for each different subscription year.

  • 12 months – $7.45 / month
  • 36 Months – $5.45 / month

Pro Web hosting

Pro web hosting is the highest shared hosting plan offered by Bluehost. Like plus and choice plus plans, they also offer unlimited
data storage, email, and transfer speed features.

They also added another interesting feature specifically for pro customer’s web hosting, which is dedicated IP. Dedicated IP is important to give a special identity to your website through the use of its own IP.

Although the plan was originally shared with a few other users, the amount of sharing is limited to a certain amount only.

For example, only 15 users use each hosting and this avoids the compact usage as offered by the basic, plus, and choice plus plans.

The usage limit for each of these hosting guarantees the speed of display and processing of your website data even if shared with several other users.

For those of you who have a large website and often receive a high amount of traffic every month, this pro plan web hosting is very suitable to meet the demand for use of your website.

You no longer have to worry about the speed and processing of data and slow website content.

As for the price, the pro plan web hosting offers $ 18.95 per month for a one-year subscription and $ 13.95 per month if you choose to subscribe for 3 years.

This promotional price will increase to $ 26.00 per month after the expiration of your initial subscription.

The list below shows the prices of plus plans web hosting offered by year.

  • 12 months – $16.95/month
  • 36 Months – $13.95 / month

Key Features and Prices Offered For All Bluehost Shared Hosting Plans For 3 Year Subscription

Bluehost Review pricing

Among the important features offered in Bluehost shared hosting:-

  • Website builder free – very easy to use, especially for those who have no experience in coding websites.
  • The name of the domain free of charge – Free Domain for a year is offered to all plans
  • SpamExperts – The most important feature if you own a blog and want to avoid excessive spam from users. (Only available for Plus, Choice Plus, and Pro plans)
  • Domain Privacy – Protects your personal data available in domain information and prevents potential hackers. (only offered for free for Choice Plus and Pro plans)
  • 99.9% Guarantee Uptime – your website will always be available without any interruption.
  • SSL Free – Protects your website and gives confidence to your website visitors and users that every transaction and visit is protected from potential hackers.
  • SiteBackup Pro – One of the important features in backing up your website data and content to be stored instead in the event of an event that affects your data. (only offered for free for Choice Plus and Pro plans)
  • Dedicated IP – Providing a special IP for your website. Ideal for keeping email reputations from being blacklisted and script requirements for some website applications. (only offered for free for Pro plans)

Best Bluehost Shared Hosting Plan

All shared hosting plans offered by Bluehost are not very different in terms of uptime guarantee, SSL and free domain, data transfer speed, and others. The additional features offered for free for such different plans also depend on the purpose and target of your website during its construction.

If you are just starting to venture into website building and do not want to spend too much, a basic plan is enough for you.

Although it only offers a limited number of features, it is enough for you to learn to manage a small website first.

However, if you already have various other types of websites or already have ideas in building other websites, you can choose a plan either Plus, Choice Plus, or Pro that suits your budget.

You also need to remember that each plan offers a different price. Make sure you choose according to the purpose and goals of building your website according to the budget you have.

WordPress Hosting

For those of you who are used to building and managing websites using WordPress, Bluehost also provides a hosting plan specifically for WordPress.

For those who are already familiar, WordPress is very easy to use and 35% of the total number of websites worldwide consists of WordPress.

If you will only use WordPress as your website building platform, it is better if you choose this WordPress hosting plan.

The price for this WordPress hosting plan starts from $ 3.95 per month for the basic plan and increases to $ 4.95 for the plus plan and $ 4.95 for the choice plus plan which is the highest plan.

Among the special features offered under this WordPress hosting plan are data storage using SSD (transfer and processing many times faster), provision of SSL, CDN, and free domain name.

If you choose the Plus plan, you can also receive free office word for a year. The choice plus plan offers additional automatic data backup for 1 year and domain privacy.

You can table below to find out each of the features and prices offered in the different plans.

Bluehost Review wordpress price

Managed WordPress Hosting

If you feel that regular WordPress hosting is still not enough to accommodate the use of the website, you can choose to use Managed WordPress hosting.

This Managed WordPress hosting plan is devoted to increasing WordPress performance with higher speed and speed.

It offers improvements in terms of website speed, data protection, user and website security, overall performance, and the best user experience when managing your WordPress website.

If you can see the table below, the price offered for the regular plan is $ 9.95 per month and increases to $ 14.95 for the second
plan and $ 27.95 for the highest plan.

Bluehost review managed price

The price offered is more expensive in line with the various additional features offered for each plan and makes it worth every penny you spend.

VPS Hosting

What is a VPS? Virtual Private Server (VPS) is an exclusive server provided specifically for your use. This means you do not share the server with others as is done by regular shared hosting. CPU power, RAM, or storage size; all for your use only.

Bluehost offers 3 VPS plans with different features and prices. The cheapest plans start at $ 19.99 a month and are offered at $ 59.99 for the highest VPS plans.

One of the important guarantees by Bluehost Malaysia is the absence of downtime. This means the website will be available 100% at all times without any technical glitches.

VPS Hosting is very suitable for you who have sufficient technical knowledge and also if shared hosting is not suitable for use for your growing website.

Dedicated Hosting

Dedicated Hosting is the most expensive hosting plan offered by any reputable hosting provider. This is because you will be renting the entire physical server without sharing it with anyone. All costs in managing the server will be paid by you.

These hosting plans are often chosen by those who have a large website with a volume of traffic reaching tens of thousands per day.
The price of this plan starts from $ 79.99 up to $ 119.99 per month.

The price difference is only on the size of data storage, size of RAM, data transfer speed, and the number of IP addresses provided.

For those of you who can afford and want to host that can accommodate the needs of your website, Dedicated Hosting is suitable for the use of your website.

The main advantage of using Dedicated Hosting is that you can build your website according to your wishes and goals combined with the speed of performance, high data storage, and guaranteed website security.

The table below shows the prices of each plan Dedicated Hosting offered according to different features and prices.

Bluehost review dedicated price

Online Stores (Ecommerce)

If you want to build a website that features online stores such as Lazada, Shopee, and others, Bluehost also offers a special hosting plan for building your online store.

There are 2 types of plans offered, namely plans Standard and Premium. You also have the option to choose whether you want to subscribe on a monthly or annual basis.

If you want to subscribe on a monthly basis, the price for the standard plan is offered at $ 29.95 while the premium plan offers the price at $ 49.95 per month.

However, it will be cheaper if you want to subscribe annually. For example, the standard plan price will drop to $ 12.95 per month and the premium price at $ 24.95 per month for a 3 -year subscription.

You can see below the prices and features offered by these two online store plans.

Bluehost review online store price

Email Hosting

Apart from web hosting regular, Bluehost also provides email hosting services for those of you who want your email address to look more professional and trusted by all visitors and users of your website.

You can manage websites and emails on just one platform. The price of this email hosting starts from $ 2.99 per month for the regular plan up to $ 9.99 per month for the highest plan as shown in the table below.

Bluehost review email price

Bluehost Blue Sky Professional Service

This service is offered specifically by Bluehost for those of you who need step-by-step help in building a WordPress website. Bluehost will put their WordPress experts to help you develop the website.

The price of this customer assistance starts from $ 29.00 per month up to the highest plan which is Blue Sky Pro at $ 149.00 per month as shown in the table below.

Bluehost review blue sky price

Criteria You Need to Evaluate Before Choosing a Suitable Hosting Provider

Bluehost Data Center Location

data center locations web hosting Bluehost are in 4 countries around the world. Among them in the country:-

  • Provo, Utah, USA
  • Orem, Utah, USA
  • Mumbai, India
  • London, UK/Europe
  • Hong Kong, China
  • Shanghai, Mainland China

To ensure the data transfer speed of your website runs smoothly and without interruption, you should choose the data center that is closest to the location of your target customers.

As if your target customer is in the USA, then the data center option in the USA is the one closest to your website visitors.

Website Loading Period

Website loading refers to how long the content of your website will appear and be displayed all on your screen. Slow display periods often cause users to leave your website and ignore the content you want to convey.

A good website will have a low loading time to meet overall customer satisfaction.

The average load time of Bluehost is 1.48ms and the average response time is 1.26ms. This shows that Bluehost web hosting is very fast and responsive.


Bluehost review test speed

Uptime is one of the criteria that is assessed before a web hosting is selected. While there are high uptime guarantees from various providers hosting, only a handful are able to provide what was previously guaranteed.

Uptime affects the availability of your website to the public without any technical glitches. As you can see in the table above, Bluehost still maintains an uptime rate in excess of 99%.

Control Panel User Friendly

Most platform’s web hosting provides a CPanel type control panel to make it easier for users to run settings on their website. Same with Bluehost.

This Cpanel has various types of applications installed as well as the availability of other features making it easy to use in the same platform only.

You do not have to worry because the CPanel provided by Bluehost does not require any high technical skills for you to manage it.

Sijil Secure Socket Layer (SSL) 

SSL is a useful protection feature for protecting your personal data and that of your visitors, as well as protecting and reassuring all visitors that future transactions are protected from hacker attacks.

Before deciding to choose a platform for web hosting, make sure you study first whether SSL is offered for free or not before you sign up.

Bluehost offers free SSL for its customers.

Customer service

Apart from the website usage characteristics which consist of applications, website speed, storage limits, and others, the quality of customer assistance also plays a role in determining which web hosting is the best.

Bluehost provides customer assistance via phone and live chat. You can also find your own solution to your problem through the knowledge base provided by Bluehost.

Free Feature Giving

Apart from the low price offer, Bluehost Malaysia also provides additional website features such as SSL, email, and domain names for those registered with the Bluehost plan mentioned above.

The website builder provided is very easy to use especially for anyone who has no experience in website coding.

However, if you choose the highest plan in the shared hosting, you will receive more free additional features. All these additional features provided have their own importance to develop and improve the performance of your website.

Money-Back Guarantee

Bluehost provides a 30 -day money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the quality of hosting services provided.

This money-back guarantee is provided to ensure that every user is satisfied and comfortable with every feature of web hosting offered by Bluehost.

Bluehost Payment Method

Bluehost provides various payment methods for the convenience of users. Such payment methods include credit card, PayPal, check or postal order, and purchase orders.

Even so, the use of FPX or local online banking is still not offered and only focuses on regular payment methods.

Domain Name

Bluehost also provides a free domain name for every new registrar. If you want to buy a specific domain name, you can choose according to your tastes in creating your website.

The following is a price table for each type of domain name for your reference.

Bluehost review domain name

Comparison between Bluehost and other Hosting Providers

Bluehost vs. Hostinger

Both have their respective advantages and disadvantages. If you are just looking at a cheap price, web hosting Bluehost
Malaysia is the best option.

Bluehost also provides various additional website features for free especially for the selection of different plans.

While these two web hosts provide almost the same guarantee, Bluehost offers higher quality and easy-to-use platform compared to web hosting others.

However, if your target customer is from Malaysia or a nearby country, Hostinger is the best choice. This is because Hostinger has a data center close to Malaysia, namely in Singapore.

Bluehost vs. Godaddy

web hosting Godaddy and Bluehost provide unlimited bandwidth rates for all plans.

In addition, Godaddy offers 24/7 customer service via phone call. Unlike Bluehost which only offers live chat and also email.

However, Bluehost offers very cheap monthly plans, free domain names, and SSL as well as more affordable plan packages.

Bluehost vs. Siteground

Siteground offers a cheaper price than Bluehost. However, the quality of web hosting Bluehost is unmatched by Siteground.

Bluehost vs. Hostgator

company web hosting Hostgator is an old competitor with Bluehost. Although Hostgator offers affordable prices for all their plans the additional features of Bluehost are better quality compared to the website features by Hostgator.

So, even though Hostgator offers a cheaper price, Bluehost is far ahead in terms of the quality it offers.


Should You Use Web Hosting Bluehost?

Bluehost Malaysia has been operating since 1996 and its reputation in providing the services hosting best is undeniable.

Bluehost itself has managed over 2 million websites worldwide and all the guarantees given have been proven through the performance data of each website.

You also do not have to worry about trying Bluehost because you are guaranteed a money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the quality of this web hosting platform within 30 days.

BlueHost Review: Verdict


7.3 out of 10
BlueHost Review Logo

Bluehost is one of the largest website hosting providers and powers millions of websites. Learn more about our secure and reliable hosting services today!

9 out of 10
Ease of Use
4 out of 10
Look & Feel
9 out of 10
7 out of 10


Easy to use

Good price

Sturdy build and ergonomics


Incompatible with old versions

Hard to assemble

Bad color combination

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