Review Jaaxy: The Reasons Why Jaaxy Is Getting More Popular In The Past Decade. [2021]

This About Review Jaaxy, we’ll walk you thru the assorted options of jaaxy keyword tool review and the way well it stacks up within the market. within the trendy digital era, keywords are the foundational components that may build or break your on-line business.

The proper ones will do the diligence for you and airt the audience in your favor. On the opposite hand, the absence of powerful keywords will bury your content deep underneath the blanket.

Whatever your niche is, it’s not far-fetched to mention that keyword analysis has become the backbone of digital promoting.

However, you wish to specialize in keyword methods the maximum amount as you pay time finding relevant and significant content.

What makes the method easier is that the right set of tools.

Jaaxy claims to try and do exactly this by giving your content the competitive edge it needs. Created by affiliate marketers for affiliate marketers, the platform aims to induce you correct keyword results to spice up your traffic.

In this review, we’ll walk you thru the assorted options of Jaaxy and the way well it stacks up within the market.

Review Jaaxy at a Glance

Jaaxy could be a keyword analysis tool with advanced options that attempt to assist you excel your competition. After all, that’s the entire purpose of victimisation keywords.

With that aforesaid, Jaaxy additionally stands out for variety of alternative helpful options and tools. The platform will assist you realize markets and audiences to focus on the proper keywords.

Jaaxy will lead you to undiscovered niches and content prospects whereas eliminating abundant of the desired legwork.

Review Jaaxy Homepage
Jaaxy Homepage

Here could be a list of what you’ll reach with Jaaxy

  • Keyword analysis
  • Identify new niche opportunities
  • Discover your competitors’ methods
  • Monitor your web site rankings
  • Build domain portfolios
  • Find remunerative affiliate merchandise

Using Jaaxy will provide you with insight into not solely your site’s potential, however additionally slim down the winning methods of your competitors. doubtless, this implies that the platform might be one among the foremost valuable tools that you simply have at your disposal.

Unlike the bulk of keyword analysis platforms, Jaaxy delivers ninety nine keyword and connected information coverage.

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As the tool searches not solely Google however additionally Bing and Yahoo, the info accounts for about ninety-nine. 7% of all the computer program traffic. With one instrument like Jaaxy, you’ll make sure that your web site has incomparable access across all-important search engines.

Let us explore each of its options and the way you and your business profit from them.

Jaaxy Keyword analysis and Management

Jaaxy is, 1st and foremost, a keyword mortal. in step with the supplier itself, once over five hundred million new keywords are searched each day, you wish a strong tool to leverage the potential. And Jaaxy will get all the proper recipes for excellent content.

The interface is neat, and every one you wish is to enter a seed term into its search tab to induce the desired results. you may instantly receive the search results that tell you which of them keywords go together with low competition as per the SERP analysis.

Here are the metrics that Jaaxy can deliver upon the search.

A Keyword Search
A Keyword Search


Average denotes the amount of monthly searches for the particular keyword. keep in mind that this variety represents the traffic in Google, Bing, and Yahoo combined. If the particular keyword goes to be your prime target, then you’re searching for a minimum of fifty searches per month.


This is the calculable monthly traffic your website can receive if your website ranks on the primary page of Google’s search results. Bear in mind that it’s very cheap traffic foretold, thus there’s the potential that you simply can see a lot of coming back in.


Quoted Search Results reveal the extent of competition you’ll expect for the keyword. In alternative words, it tells you ways several alternative sites are using constant keywords in their content.

This is a very helpful feature once targeting keywords. The lower the competition, the higher for your website. Jaaxy recommends that you simply opt for keywords with a QSR below four hundred.


Keyword Quality Indicator indicates however Jaaxy’s formula classifies the standard of the keyphrase. it’s color-coded, with red, yellow, and inexperienced – with inexperienced suggesting that the keyword could be a nice selection.

It provides you a straightforward, visual summary of however the keyword is probably going to perform.

SEO Power

This is another classification system supported the fruits of the previous various the keyword. However, note that this can be a result of what Jaaxy thinks is best for SEO on however probable it’s to rank high with this specific keyword.

On a scale from one to one hundred, the upper the amount, the upper the SEO power. though you’ve got a unique system of narrowing down your keywords, it’s still sensible to understand what a keyword analysis tool recommends.

Domain Search

Jaaxy enables you to explore domain names that match your keyword. it’ll additionally show you whether or not those domains are offered to shop for or not. we’ll discuss this feature in additional detail in a while.

Related Keywords

On the proper aspect of the results, you must be able to see a listing of keywords closely related to your search term. this provides you access to a lot of keyword concepts. you’ll brainstorm for a lot of keywords that supported your content here, too.

Jaaxy Related Keyword
Get an inventory of connected keywords

While the metrics provide you with a comprehensive plan of however a specific keyword might fare in your content, you’ll additionally use Jaaxy for a number of alternative aspects of keyword analysis.

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These are a lot centered on supplying you with access to challenger analysis and finding advantageous info on your competitors.

Alphabet Soup

Jaaxy employs Google Instant and Google Autocomplete to feature letter-by-letter to your keyword to predict the search terms. In straightforward terms, this gets you information on actual searches that folks perform on Google. The feature is meant to present you with additional concepts on long-tail keywords.

Users will see results for “keyphrase + alphabet”. beginning with “a”, you’ll be able to move the bar to urge results on the mix of your keyphrase with any letter.

You will receive an inventory of keywords here. Upon clicking “search on this”, you may be redirected to the keyword search tab. Here you’ll be able to see all identical metrics of a typical keyword search.

Jaaxy Alphabet Soup
Alphabet Soup takes a keyword & adds an additional letter

Saved Lists

Jaaxy has 2 totally different choices for users to access keyword search history. whereas probing the analysis method, you’ll be able to tick any specific keywords and favor to save them in your lists for later browsing. you’ll be able to produce multiple lists in this fashion to arrange them. ‘Saved Lists’ additionally permit you to export keyword lists into a .txt or .csv file.

Search History

The second thanks to accessing recent information is thru search history. It displays any previous searches you’ve got completed, and what sort of search it had been.

For example, it’ll denote whether or not it had been a keyword search or AN Alphabet Soup search. or else, you’ll be able to additionally head to the search bar if you would like to appear up any specific keyword.

However, you can’t notice to any extent further data here. For that, you may click on the corresponding keyword, and you may be redirected to the keyword analysis page.

The drawback is that it’ll count as another search, which could not be AN appealing side supported your package.


Let’s suppose that you simply area unit searching for trending topics to organize your new post. Brainstorm can tell you all you wish to grasp regarding the keywords that area unit dominating the several niches at the present.

You will get a glimpse of the foremost well-liked keywords is not solely Google and Yahoo, however additionally Twitter Trends, Amazon Bestsellers, and Alexa topics.

You can add these keywords to your Brainstorm Queue list, and it’ll take you to the analysis section of the actual keyword. If needed, you’ll be able to add manually add words to your Brainstorm Queue. It permits you to multitask between plan generation and search results.

Jaaxy Brainstorm
Brainstorm concepts

Before we have a tendency to proceed any, there’s one crucial side you wish to grasp regarding Jaaxy. within the starting, we have a tendency to mentioned that Jaaxy may well be used for a variety of content selling methods like niches and domains.

You may be basically combining the various metrics in keyword analysis to explore new niches and notice data on offered domains.

Regardless, we are going to tell you ways Jaaxy achieves this within the following sections.

Jaaxy web site and contestant analysis

There area unit many functions in Jaaxy that you simply will leverage to work out your website rank, the way to improve it, and gain insight into your competition. Jaaxy will reverse engineer any website, and acquire all relevant information on its content methods.

Site Rank

A large part of your keyword analysis strategy is analyzing whether or not your efforts area unit fruitful or not. so as to attain that, you furthermore may check your SERP unceasingly. However, it may well be difficult to spot wherever you stand at intervals the computer program.

Site Rank is one every of the foremost powerful options at intervals Jaaxy that helps you analyze your website and ranking. In web site Rank, you’ll be able to input any keyword or universal resource locator to receive information on however the positioning performs in terms of ranking. Jaaxy can now perform AN anonymous search and allow you to grasp wherever you stand.

Jaaxy Site Rank
Site Rank

The results area unit given in positions, telling you ways well you’re ranking across all search engines. inline with Jaaxy, if the position is a smaller amount than fifty, your rank works well.

Jaaxy also will tell you on that page your results area unit doubtless to get on. you’ll be able to analyze the ranking for Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

The platform has a sophisticated tool here that analyzes however the page has been performing arts for over an amount of your time.

Users may set however usually you would like Jaaxy to trace the actual keyword and domain. because the website rank changes, you may be mechanically alerted at intervals of the platform.

As such, you’ll be able to keep track of the historical ranking trends to know and master SEO.

Search Analysis

This feature helps you “spy” on your competition, as Jaaxy says. you’ll be able to enter keywords and opt for the desired computer program to urge results of the primary few results that match your keyword. Currently, Jaaxy will analyze Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

In effect, it offers you an summary of the computer programme Results Page (SERP) with regard to your search terms. what is more, once you press read Details, you may see a number of additional metrics taking drugs, such as:

Title of the article, URL, meta description, and keywords

You can see the name of the pages, and thru that parameters they get their ranking. every metric will purpose you within the right direction on beating a contestant.

In a way, Jaaxy is doing a reverse analysis that you simply will use for your web site. There area unit 2 ways that you’ll be able to enjoy this. the primary is to try and do a competitive analysis before you proceed with a particular content plan. you’ll be able to break down every competitor’s web site and investigate what your competitors do thus you’ll be able to strategize consequently.

The other is to visualize however your content is obtaining hierarchic and why it’s doing thus. mix each strategies, and you’ve got an efficient system to spice up your SERP.

Jaaxy Niche Search

Though the niche analysis feature is publicised together of the highest options of Jaaxy, it’s integrated into the opposite tools of the platform. By incorporating the techniques of Brainstorm, Affiliate Search and Alphabet soup, Jaaxy will open doors to new niches.

Each can provide you with insight and provides data on however you’ll be able to enjoy a class and benefit of its potentialities.

Using Brainstorm to search out Niches

As we have a tendency to coated earlier, Brainstorm will counsel many topics that area unit trending at the instant. you may get new results on a daily basis and acquire plenty of various concepts for product, niches, and classes.

All you wish to try and do is add them to your Brainstorm Queue to later investigate the concept. you’ll be able to any do keyword analysis and slim all the way down to specific niche concepts.

Using Alphabet Soup to search out Niches

With too several searches being disbursed on a commonplace, it’s simple to miss out on moneymaking opportunities. Alphabet Soup permits users to get niches during a straightforward and economical means.

It will thus by finding relevant trends to sudden searches. As a result, you may be able to generate greenhorn niche concepts on a daily basis supported what the audience is finding out.

Using Affiliate Program to search out Niches

At its core, the Affiliate Program intends to attach you to totally different affiliate opportunities that you simply will use to your advantage.

Jaaxy runs the search through four well-liked platforms of Linkshare, Digital watercourse, Commission Junction, and click on Bank.

You can opt for your needed platform to urge an inventory of what affiliate programs area unit out there, supported your search term.

Jaaxy can offer you details on the:

  • Affiliate program name
  • Product web site
  • Commission rates
  • Alexa rank
  • Network

It is a straightforward thanks to notice affiliate product rather than having to try and do separate searches on Google or alternative search engines.

Another way to use the Affiliate Program is to search out that product area unit best for you to base your content on. In doing thus, you’ll be able to opt for AN affiliate program and do keyword analysis on the merchandise.

You may then get data on what number folks area unit finding out identical or connected product.

Jaaxy Affiliate Program Search
Affiliate Program Search

So you’re not solely able to notice new ventures, however, you’ll be able to additionally do niche targeting, too.

You’ll be able to additionally notice affiliate opportunities for the content they need already denote. merely seek for your content’s keyword within the affiliate program to find any affiliate product you’ll be able to hook up with your post.

Finding Domain Names with Jaaxy

Up to the current purpose in our review, we’ve highlighted Jaaxy completely as a keyword and contestant analysis tool. However, the platform offers another valuable feature for those wanting to speculate in domains to flip or use for his or her own comes.

In fact, for those unaware, domain flipping is currently a billion-dollar trade – and as Jaaxy stresses, there area unit lots of ways that to learn from it.

Find Keyword-Rich domains

We have already mentioned briefly however you’ll be able to notice domains through the keyword analysis tool. during this section, we are going to elaborate additional on however Jaaxy identities domains with the most effective scope.

The ideal metrics you would like area unit high search traffic and low competition. the less folks area unit fighting for the domain, the additional doubtless that it’s planning to be offered. Jaaxy makes the method plenty easier, because it offers you the list of domains even remotely related to your search term.

Moreover, as you’ll be able to notice the provision right from the interface, you’ll be able to create purchases at once.

Uncover native selling Domains

If you run a neighborhood selling company, then the domain search may tweak your results to suit your location.

By an ingenious combination of keywords, you’ll be able to additionally do native domain searches. you merely ought to mix “keyword + location” to search out a series of native domains. Such native domains area unit easier to rank higher in SERP in order that you’ll be able to sell the domain for the next quantity.

Having management of the native domain assets can offer you a grip within the market, and provides you access to domain names that job for all native institutions. In short, if you’re inquisitive about domain flipping, Jaaxy comes with an easy nonetheless subtle set of tools which will work vastly in your favour.

As Jaaxy has partnered with loaded Affiliate, you’ll be able to currently purchase domains virtually outright. you’ll be able to additionally save, store, and purchase domains in bulk with Jaaxy’s economical tools.

Jaaxy evaluation

Jaaxy has 3 {different|totally totally different|completely different} membership choices that cater to different desires supported the dimensions of your business.

Jaaxy Pricing
Jaaxy evaluation

Jaaxy Starter Plan: Free

True to what the website says, this setup is best to do out Jaaxy’s options. currently, the most distinction here is that, not like alternative on-line services, this can be not a free trial version.

Instead, the Starter pack comes with access to all or any main functionalities of Jaaxy, however with a restricted variety of thirty searches. Hence, you don’t got to offer any payment details. Instead, you simply got to produce AN account.

While the speed of results is comparatively slow within the Starter set up, you can’t raise an improvement thanks to the expertise what the platform needs to provide.

The Pro originated offers you access to everything you would like for the swish running of your business.

The skilled model works best for bloggers and little business householders administrative body would like to optimize their content for organic searches.

However, recent marketers could get pleasure from the originated, as long as you are not engaged on multiple sites at constant time.

The Pro originated offers you 3x faster search results and unlimited keyword searches. you moreover could have a significantly higher sort of uses once it involves Alphabet Soup and computer Rank.

Jaaxy professional Plan: $49 per Month

The Pro arrange provides you access to everything you wish for the sleek running of your business. the professional model works best for bloggers and little business homeowners UN agency wish to optimize their content for organic searches.

However, seasoned marketers may also take pleasure in the arrange, as long as you’re not functioning on multiple sites at the same time.

The Pro arrange provides you 3x quicker search results, and unlimited keyword searches. you furthermore may have a considerably higher variety of uses once it involves Alphabet Soup and website Rank.

Jaaxy Enterprise Plan: $99 per Month

The Enterprise arrange is for the seasoned on-line vender that’s trying to find unlimited access and searches information on multiple websites. together with the options of the opposite 2 plans, here you’ll conjointly automatize keyword and domain searches.

You also get 5x quicker results compared to the Starter Pack.

Free Jaaxy Pro And Enterprise

Jaaxy In Wa Package Plan
WA Package Plan

If you Join WA University, Jaaxy include WA package so you don’t need to buy any keyword tool. Visit WA today.

Affiliate Program

For a platform that advantages from affiliate programs, it might be a shame if the web site didn’t have one among its own! therewith in mind, Jaaxy includes a fairly simple affiliate program wherever you’ll earn cash from referrals.

The commission you earn relies on your Jaaxy package.

Customer Service and facilitate Center

For the quantity of tools offered on the positioning, Jaaxy has comparatively few videos and tutorials on the way to use them showing wisdom.

The assistance Center options four videos that basically covers all aspects of the tool. However, the interface has modified since the videos were uploaded, and new users would possibly notice it confusing if they’re relying entirely on these tutorials.

On the opposite hand, Jaaxy’s client care team appears to be collateral and reliable.

That said, users can be unsuccessful to find out that no live chat feature is live, that is currently the go-to means that to access client support.

Instead, you have got a conventional contact kind on the house page, and also the team guarantees that you just can get a response inside twenty four hours.

Since 2017, Jaaxy has conjointly been the first keyword analysis tool for moneyed Affiliate. As such. you’ll conjointly notice a Jaaxy community of on-line marketers UN agency square measure forever able to lend a assistance.

Who will take pleasure in Jaaxy?

Jaaxy is so a notable tool that has established its price for pretty much a decade. we’ve mentioned very well all the options of the popular keyword analysis tool. very similar to the other platform, what proportion you’ll take pleasure in the tool depends on UN agency you’re and what your business is.

Here square measure a number of the cases wherever Jaaxy are often helpful for your on-line business.

  • If you’re a vender troubled to extend traffic to your website
  • If you have got a distinct segment business setup and square measure trying to find new opportunities to expand
  • If you have got a longtime business and searching for a keyword finder with correct metrics
  • If you’re a content author trying to find new topic concepts
  • If you’re endowed in domain businesses and searching to flip a lot of websites.
  • If you’re AN affiliate vender designing new methods

In all the on-top of examples, Jaaxy has you coated if you’re trying to find in-depth info of keywords. As such, the platform is often a perfect answer for all of your desires.

Perhaps, the world wherever it shines the foremost is in affiliate selling. Not solely are you able to get access to a product, however, you’ll use the options in many ways that to seek out keywords and craft distinctive content.

Established content marketers and agencies also will notice that Jaaxy will lead you to untapped niches and keywords. The tool has AN abundance of distinctive keywords, with zero to low competition. These keywords square measure strong even supposing they’re nevertheless to possess been taken advantage of.

Jaaxy Pros

Useful Keyword Metrics Jaaxy offers you excellent insight into however a keyword will perform in SERP. the information on calculable traffic is crucial to grasp wherever your website can stand with a selected keyword. the various variables assist you to filter keywords that square measure easier to rank for, instead of hoping that the keyword can get you actual results.

Different Approaches to Keyword Search every now and then, it is often tough to return up with original keyword concepts which will get traffic, whereas setting you except the gang. Brainstorm will lead you right to the most popular topics. Alphabet Soup is yet one more means that to urge new keyword concepts which will yield you heaps of long-tail keywords with high search intent.

Fewer Tools, Multiple Applications The progress of Jaaxy will, in fact, do heaps quite keyword analysis. tho’ the options on the homepage would possibly seem only a few, they need the potential to cater to completely different desires of your business. except for keyword analysis, the tool is priceless in niche search, affiliates, and domains.

Access to Multiple Search engines tho’ Google can be your target engine, it wouldn’t hurt to make sure that your website works well across different standard search engines.

Free arrange most significantly, you’ll forever try the tool and weigh it au courant your terms. The free arrangement grants you access to any or all core options, thus you are doing not have to be compelled to risk your cash for a platform that doesn’t match your business desires.

Jaaxy Cons

User Interface can be Confusing Beginners would possibly notice the Jaaxy interface somewhat confusing initially look. As we’ve repeatedly coated during this article, Jaaxy advertises that it will perform heaps of SEO aspects. However, it comes all the way down to however you employ constant options otherwise. it would take many makes an attempt for you to urge a grasp of Jaaxy’s progress and build the foremost out of the computer code.

Lack of native SEO As Jaaxy doesn’t permit you to type keyword information supported country or location, the results square measure supported a worldwide scale. Thus, it’s not an excellent choice in playing native SEO unless you have already got a listing of keywords and knowledge to tweak the results to optimize for native audiences.

Search Analysis might Improve The tool provides you an outline of competition analysis. However, there aren’t any metrics that square measure unjust enough to vary your strategy. If Jaaxy will embrace a lot of variables, then the feature has high potential.

Obscure SEO score tho’ some users would possibly notice the SEO Score a helpful means that to form keyword decisions, there’s no indication on why a hundred implies that the keyword is simpler to rank.

No Indication of info it’s unclear what info Jaaxy uses for analyzing keywords. One will solely assume that it’s so the USA databases of the highest 3 search engines. As such, Jaaxy may not be of abundant use to non-US website homeowners.


When it involves online businesses, there’s no manner around keywords. As such, the correct keyword analysis tool can be your most precious ally. Jaaxy can’t solely play a big role in your SEO efforts, however, it will lead you to content concepts, too.

It is safe to mention that Jaaxy is often a robust tool in your SEO strategy. it’s a treasure of keywords, particularly within the long-tail department. there’s conjointly no shortage of different helpful options that might assist you to venture into new niches and affiliate programs.

Whether it’s a decent fit your business is ultimately obsessed with your individual circumstances. With the Jaaxy Starter arrange, you’ll at the terribly least attempt the tool at no value and choose for yourself whether or not it’s the price sometimes. With this in mind, why not provide Jaaxy a try!?

Review Jaaxy Keword Research: The Affiliate Program

With Jaaxy you are getting the most advanced, yet useful platform in the world for managing all aspects of keyword, website, competition, and market research.

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Jaaxy Review: The Verdict?


9 out of 10
Review Jaaxy

With Jaaxy you are getting the most advanced, yet useful platform in the world for managing all aspects of keyword, website, competition, and market research.

Ease of Use
Keyword Quality


Very Unique Keyword

Long-Tail Keyword With High Buying Intent

Great Training Material For Beginner

A Lot Of Tools


Interface Is not Always Intuitive

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