Hostinger Review: Which Best Web Hosting Company [2021]

Now we write about Hostinger Review, If you are looking for web hosting, you certainly know there are many Malaysian web hosting companies. For that, this article will make a review of one of the well-known web hosting companies globally, namely Hostinger Malaysia.

Before we continue with the Hostinger Malaysia review, let’s get to know the background of Hostinger.

Hostinger At A Glance

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Hostinger Review Detail

For your information, Hostinger started in 2004. Founded in Kaunas, Lithuania under the name Media Hosting. In 2017 it was rebranded under the name Hostinger.

Today, Hostinger is one of the largest web hosting companies in the world and has over 29 million users in 178 countries.

With Hostinger’s presence globally and one of the countries is Malaysia, there is no doubt that Hostinger is a strong web hosting

Hostinger Review

The best web hosting can be seen in terms of speed site, security features, server uptime, customer service, and even an easy-to-use control panel.

Apart from shared hosting, Hostinger Malaysia also provides the following hosting:-

Hostinger Advantages And Disadvantages

Before we review it in-depth, here is a summary of the advantages and disadvantages of Hostinger web hosting.

Advantages of Hostinger  

  1. 99.9% Guarantee Uptime
  2. Fast website loading
  3. Affordable monthly subscription price as low as RM2.99 per month
  4. New user-friendly control panel
  5. Low prices with the best specifications
  6. Free domains and cheap domain prices
  7. Data center location close to Malaysia
  8. Responsive customer service
  9. 30 day money back guarantee
  10. Free website builder

Disadvantages of Hostinger

  1. No Cpanel. Those who are used to using Cpanel will feel awkward with different displays
  2. Bandwidth is limited for single web hosting plans
  3. Price increase when renewing a subscription
  4. No data backup daily
  5. Limited disk storage size
  6. channel Limited customer service

Do you need technical skills to use Hostinger?

Hostinger Malaysia provides an easy-to-use control panel display even if you have no experience. Hostinger also provides tutorials for
you to learn how to create a website using their hosting.

You can learn how to create a website, create an online store using WooCommerce, create a blog, and various other tutorials.

However, if you encounter any problems, you can directly contact Hostinger customer service via live chat. They will help at an immediate rate.

Hosting Prices/Plans

Now, let’s look at the hosting plan offered by Hostinger Malaysia.

Hostinger Review Pricing Offer

What is interesting about Hostinger is the cheap web hosting plan. Hostinger is currently offering up to a 90% discount for web hosting plans included with SSL.  

You can get web hosting as low as RM2.99 per month. Very affordable price to own.

Shared Hosting

Shared Hosting means you share a server with others and of course, it is cheaper than another hosting.

Hostinger Malaysia offers 3 shared hosting plans for you to choose from.

Single Web Hosting

This single web hosting plan is suitable for those who just want to start creating a website. You can create a website with this hosting plan. Free SSL is also provided. However, domain names are free not included in this plan.

10GB of SSD storage provided with an estimated visitor to your website for this plan is 10,000 per month. Visitor estimates are for reference only and are also subject to the use of website resources.

The price offered is as low as RM2.99 per month and RM7.99 per month after you renew the hosting plan.

But, the price of RM2.99 is only available if you subscribe to Hostinger Malaysia for 48 months or 4 years. And after 48 months you have to pay RM7.99 a month.

If you do not want a long commitment with Hostinger Malaysia, you can choose a monthly subscription for RM29.95 per month. But keep in mind,
you save as much as 90% if you choose a subscription for 48 months.

You can also choose to subscribe for 12 or 24 months.

In short, this is the price offered according to the month of subscription.

1 month 12 months 24 Months 48 Months RM29.95 / month RM7.50 / month RM5.45 / month RM2.99 / month

Premium Web Hosting

This hosting plan is suitable for those who have a personal website. With a capacity of 20GB of SSD storage, your website can receive up to 25,000 visitors per month.

This web hosting plan also provides 1 domain name free for a year if you choose to subscribe to hosting for 12 months, 24 months or 48 months.

In addition, you can build as many as 100 websites with this plan. Suitable for you who is a web developer.

The price offered by premium web hosting plans is as low as RM8.05 per month and RM13.99 per month when renewing the hosting plan. You save 82% if you choose a 48 -month subscription instead of a one-month subscription.

In short, this is the price offered according to the month of subscription.

1 month 12 months 24 Months 48 Months RM44.79 / month Rm14.05/month RM11.05 / month RM8.05/month

Business Web Hosting

This web hosting plan is specially designed by Hostinger Malaysia for small and medium businesses. With a capacity of 100GB SSD storage, your website is capable of receiving up to 100,000 visitors per month.

Also provides free SSL and also 1 free domain name. 100 websites can be built with a hosting plan business.

The price offered is as low as RM12.95 per month and RM27.99 per month when renewing the hosting plan. You save 78% if you choose a 48 -month subscription instead of a one-month subscription.

In short, this is the price offered according to the month of subscription.

1 month 12 months 24 Months 48 Months RM59.75 / month RM21.95 / month RM16.69 / month RM12.95 / month

Hostinger Malaysia provides free lifetime SSL certificates for all three shared hosting plans above.

Key Features In Hostinger Malaysia Shared Hosting Plan

Hostinger Review Pricing Shared Hosting

Among the important features of Hostinger shared hosting:-

  • Zyro Website builder – makes it easy for users to build websites with templates existing and drag and drop
  • WordPress Acceleration Hostinger uses Litespeed Cache for WordPress to ensure website performance at optimum ranking
  • Cronjobs
    simplifies website management and automation. 2 Cronjobs for single web
    hosting plans and unlimited cronjobs for premium and business plans.
  • SSH access – for better security and easier website management. Only available for premium and business plans.
  • 99.9% Guarantee Uptime – the website can be accessed at all times
  • Free SSL – protects the website and increases user trust by ensuring all transactions and data provided are secure.
  • Cloudflare Protected Nameservers – protects your DNS infrastructure from attacks Distributed Denial of Service (DDOS).
  • Free domain – the name of your website. Only provided free for premium and business plans

Hostinger Malaysia’s Best Shared Hosting Plans

The three shared hosting plans offered by Hostinger Malaysia are the best for you to build a website. Yet it depends on what you need now.

If you feel the budget is a constraint, a single web hosting plan is enough for you to start building a complete website. As your business grows, you can upgrade your hosting plan.

Keep in mind, too long a subscription period may make it difficult for you to switch to another hosting in the future.

But, if you want a web hosting company that is trusted, has a high reputation and a cheap price, without a doubt Hostinger Malaysia is the best choice.

Cloud Web Hosting

If you need web hosting on a large scale, Hostinger Malaysia also provides cloud web hosting services.

You can build up to 300 websites with cloud web hosting. SSD storage size is also larger than shared hosting. And bandwidth unlimited is provided for all plans under cloud web hosting.

Hostinger provides domain names free for all cloud hosting plans.

Hostinger Review Cloud Pricing

With cloud hosting, your website loading 3 times faster. You will also receive a custom control panel and a unique IP address you.

Datacenter choices can be made from 7 different locations provided by Hostinger. You can select the data center closest to website visitors.

If you choose cloud web hosting provided by Hostinger, you do not have to worry about technical issues or difficulties moving your website from any web hosting. Hostinger will help you move your website to their hosting for free.

Hostinger Malaysia also performs backups of daily your website.

Just like the shared hosting plan, you will pay a higher price when you renew your subscription.

WordPress Hosting

WordPress hosting is hosting built specifically for WordPress websites. Hostinger Malaysia provides free domain and free SSL for all
WordPress Hosting plans.

WordPress Hosting offers a larger storage size for premium and enterprise plans than shared hosting. If you use WordPress with high
website traffic every month, WordPress Hosting is the best for you to have.

All WordPress Hosting plans provide unlimited bandwidth, free SSL, and even domain names free.

You are also given a free Jetpack and can choose a data center location.

Hostinger Review Wordpress Pricing

In addition, you are given a free email address according to the domain name of your website. An email address on the domain name of this website can enhance the image and credibility of your company. For this free email, 500MB of storage is allocated for each domain name.

The monthly price for WordPress Hosting is also higher when renewing a subscription.

VPS Hosting

What is a VPS? Virtual Private Server (VPS) is an exclusive server just for you. Suppose you do not share the server with others.
CPU Power, RAM, or storage size, all for you.

Hostinger Malaysia offers 6 plans under VPS. For those of you who value speed, definitely like Hostinger Malaysia VPS Hosting which is 30x faster than shared web hosting.

An important aspect of VPS Hosting that Hostinger Malaysia prioritizes is no downtime.

All VPS Hosting plans get a minimum of 40GB SSD storage per server, a minimum of 2GB RAM, 100MB/S network connection line, IPv4 & IPv6 internet protocols.

VPS Hosting is suitable for those of you who have the technical knowledge and also if shared hosting is not enough for your growing website.

Minecraft Hosting

Minecraft Hosting is a special server provided by Hostinger to play Minecraft. With your own server, you can invite anyone to play together and have full control over the game.

Hostinger Malaysia provides 5 Minecraft Hosting plans starting from as low as RM37.45 per month.

The 5 data center locations for Minecraft Hosting consist of Singapore, USA, UK, Netherlands, and Lithuania.

Having a Hostinger server in Singapore is very close for those of you who play Minecraft in Malaysia.

Hostinger Data Center Locations

Hostinger’s shared hosting data centers are located in 7 countries around the world. Among them in the countries:-

  1. Lithuania
  2. Brazil
  3. Indonesia
  4. Singapore
  5. United Kingdom
  6. United States
  7. Netherlands

Ideally, your website should be hosted in a location closest to the target audience. This is because, the closer to the data center, the faster your website will load. At the same time reduce visitors who run away because your web is slow to load.

So, Hostinger is one of the best Malaysian web hosting options because it has two data centers near you, namely in Singapore and Indonesia.

However, for shared hosting, you are not given the option to choose a data center location. It will be determined by Hostinger Malaysia.

Website Loading Period

This refers to how long it takes your website to load a page. As I wrote above, a web loading fast is very important so that visitors to your website continue to stay on your web.

Hostinger Malaysia not only offers low prices but also provides website load very fast time.

On average, the loading time of Hostinger Malaysia is below 400ms. Better than the industry average of 890ms.


Hostinger Review Uptime

One of the factors you need to consider when choosing web hosting is uptime. In simple language how often your website can be used and function. If it often does not work, then visitors can not want to access your website.

The picture above shows the average uptime period of Hostinger Malaysia is 99.9%. Very good and satisfying although not reaching 100%.

Just like other popular web hosting companies, Hostinger, although cheap, also promises 99.9% uptime every month.

Control Panel User Friendly

This is a problem that is often faced by those who are new to creating a website or who are less experienced. Unfriendly web hosting control panel.

With Hostinger Malaysia you no longer have to worry. Hostinger provides an easy-to-use control panel (CPanel).

In addition, various tools are also provided to make it easier for you to build a website.

Sijil Secure Socket Layer (SSL) 

This is another important requirement to ensure that your website is always protected. With the SSL certificate on your website, visitors’
personal information such as credit card information, passwords can be protected from being used by other unauthorized parties.

SSL ensures that all information provided by your web visitors only reaches you. If your web does not have SSL, of course, visitors feel
hesitant to make a purchase on your e-commerce website. This is because they do not want personal data stolen by irresponsible parties.

At Hostinger Malaysia, they provide free SSL for life as long as you subscribe to their hosting. No annual fee. In some other web hosting companies, free SSL is only provided in the first year of subscription.

Lots of savings you can get with Hostinger Malaysia.

Customer service

This is also an aspect that you need to consider in choosing web hosting. Especially for those of you who just want to build a website.
Of course, there are things that you need an explanation for from the web hosting.

With Hostinger you do not have to worry if there is a problem with web hosting. Hostinger Malaysia provides 24 -hour customer service via live chat, send question tickets, or via email.

You can call them even at 2 p.m. support team is always ready to help you. To get instant feedback, you need to use live chat.

Hostinger has provided a trained and professional support team to assist you in building a website.

For your information, live chat can only be used by existing Hostinger customers. If you have not subscribed to Hostinger Malaysia,
and have any questions, you can submit your questions by sending a ticket or email.

SSL Free

In addition to low prices, Hostinger Malaysia has several other interesting offers for you.

Free SSL and free email-based domain name for all web hosting plans as well as free Zyro website builder.

Especially for customers’ business web hosting, you also get free Content Delivery Network (CDN), backup daily data, free domain name for a year, and bandwidth unlimited.

For customer’s premium web hosting plan, you also receive bandwidth unlimited, a free domain name for a year, and backup weekly data.

Unlike for a plan single web hosting, you only get 100GB of bandwidth and backup weekly data. No free domains and bandwidth unlimited.

Money-Back Guarantee

What if you don’t like the service provided by Hostinger Malaysia?

Whatever the reason you want to request a refund, you can request a full refund within 30 days of purchase. Your money will be refunded to Hostinger Malaysia without much question.

If Hostinger Malaysia is not a reliable web hosting, of course, they do not dare to take the risk of giving a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Hostinger Malaysia Payment Method

Eimvkm Ygdwldeu00Lk8Osxiohb2Rdzomickmjuide5E2Hxhimhkf8Zbtqfplv4Jlhsfya Qcyqyncsoboipa7Eteluufyyjctoifgmyq9Fh7Ujhld8 Jj1A40A Sfyeby3Wvlbq Hostinger Review,Which Best Web Hosting Company,Best Web Hosting,Web Hosting,Minecraft Hosting

Hostinger provides various payment methods for the convenience of users. For Malaysians, of course, you are more comfortable with FPX and online banking.

You can also make a payment using a credit card or Paypal. Bitcoin is also accepted.

Domain Name

Hostinger also provides domain names at a cheap price. You can get a domain name new or transfer an existing domain to Hostinger.

Did Coustmer Happy?

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Hostinger vs. Bluehost

Both have their respective advantages and disadvantages. If you value website speed at a cheap price, Hostinger Malaysia web hosting is the best choice.

However, if storage size, bandwidth, and the best support are in your interest, Bluehost web hosting is more suitable for you.

Hostinger vs. Godaddy

Godaddy web hosting provides unlimited bandwidth. Meanwhile, Hostinger bandwidth is limited according to the chosen plan.

In addition, Godaddy offers 24/7 customer service via phone call.

Unlike Hostinger which only offers live chat and also email. However, Hostinger offers a very cheap monthly plan, a free domain name email address, and free SSL.

Hostinger vs. Siteground

Siteground offers similar specifications to Hostinger Malaysia but at a more expensive price. Siteground also provides various channels for customer service.

Hostinger vs. Hostgator

Hostgator web hosting company is bigger than Hostinger. They offer more specifications with various channels of customer service.

In terms of price, Hostinger offers a cheaper web hosting plan.


Should You Use Hostinger Malaysia Web Hosting?

Hostinger Malaysia provides the essential specifications needed to build a website at an affordable price. Very suitable for you who just want to start building a website with a low budget.

If you want a low price with fast website performance without the importance of storage size and bandwidth, continue to subscribe to Hostinger Malaysia here.

But if you need something more serious (e-commerce, a professional website), I’d recommend SiteGround, DreamHost, or A2 Hosting, or Cloudways if you require cloud hosting.

Hopefully, this Hostinger review has assisted you in determining whether or not this is a good hosting service for you; nevertheless, if you have any questions, please leave a comment and I will do my best to respond.

>>>Try Hostinger for 30 days risk-free.

Hostinger Review: Verdict


9 out of 10
Hostinger Review Logo Hostinger Review,Which Best Web Hosting Company,Best Web Hosting,Web Hosting,Minecraft Hosting

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Ease of Use
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Good price

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