Mangools Review: 4 Valuable Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Tools Under One Roof

Ever desired all of your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) obligations in a single place?

Instead of monitoring key phrases on SerpBook, stalking your opposition on BuzzSumo and searching key phrases on Google’s Keyword Planner, why now no longer consolidate all of this with one complete device?

That’s wherein Mangools comes in.

Mangools Review Home

While maximum Search Engine Optimization (SEO) equipment is simply awareness on presenting one provider or, Mangools excelled at constructing a precise, all-in-one platform that gives quite a few functions.

This device makes keyword studies extraordinarily simple, and it affords numerous info and further metrics that ease your look for appropriate key phrases.

In this article, we’ll stroll you thru our evaluation of Mangools and display you a way to use the equipment to discover untapped keyword possibilities and song your internet site’s overall performance in SERPs.

What Is Mangools?

Mangools first commenced off as a one-device Search Engine Optimization (SEO) provider named KWFinder in 2014. After the device had success, Mangools’ Founder and CEO took his organization from a non-public challenge to a 4-guy commercial enterprise.

Since then, the Mangools group changed into capable of constructing and developing 4 powerful Search Engine Optimization (SEO) equipment:

  1. KWFinder
  2. SERPChecker
  3. SERPWatcher
  4. LinkMiner

Let’s first in brief provide an explanation for what every of those is all approximately.

  • KWFinder: This is one of the maximum famous search engine marketing equipment advanced with the aid of using Mangools. It will make the keyword studies a laugh due to the fact you may result easily get precise seek extent, untapped LSI key phrases, keyword trends, a brief review of the pinnacle web sites withinside the SERPs and loads extra in some minutes.
  • SERPChecker: This device will assist you to examine and doing search engine marketing studies for your competition. With SERPChecker, you may get the right of entry to the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) facts of your competition’ internet pages. There are around 50 search engine marketing metrics to be had on your judgment, such as Moz and Majestic equipment facts.
  • SERPWatcher: This search engine marketing device allows you to sing your keyword overall performance and rank on SERPs. You also can see your keyword overall performance in specific places and tool types, like cellular and laptop.
  • LinkMiner: LinkMiner is a brand new, powerful device for tracking your competition’ backlinking profiles. This device gives you complete info at the backlinks that factor in your competitor’s web page. This device may be especially essential in case you’re going for walks on an outreach campaign.

What Makes Mangools the Perfect Tool for Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the set of guidelines that websites need to comply with to have a distinguished presence in seeking consequences. And Mangools makes this less complicated than you may assume.

Here are some key factors that make Mangools an appropriate device for your search engine marketing.

  • Cost-effectiveness: Mangools’ equipment won’t fee you million-greenback advertising budgets or hundreds of bucks of month-to-month organisation payments. With low-cost month-to-month or every year subscriptions, you may without difficulty control your internet site’s facts all with the aid of using yourself. Plus, a lot of Mangools 200k+ customers get massive returns on their investment, because the device allows them to appeal to extra internet site visitors and leads. More in this withinside the pricing phase later on.
  • Inclusiveness: Inclusiveness is a manner of life. For example, I continually order one-dish recipes at restaurants. I in no way need to have extra than plates on my table. Simply due to the fact I want to have all of my meals on one plate. Mangools is the one-dish search engine marketing recipe. You can get right of entry to quite a few equipments with specific functionalities while not having to leap from one internet site to another. For example, you may begin a SERP evaluation for your opposition then circulate directly to behaviour studies to discover comparable key phrases in your competition’.
  • Usability: Regardless of which device you operate for search engine marketing, operating on optimizing your internet site for SERPs may be an actual ache withinside the ass. But it might be in reality extra useful to optimize your internet site on a good-looking, error-loose platform. That’s wherein Mangools stands out. In fact, Mangools’ advertising guru Maros Kurtis has even written 4 complete publications for every and each device:
  1. KWFinder Guide
  2. SERPChecker Guide
  3. SERPWatcher Guide
  4. LinkMiner Guide

1. KWFinder Review: The Ultimate Keyword Research Tool

KWFinder is a brilliant device that simplifies the keyword studies procedure in a manner different equipment simply haven’t been controlled to do. However, there are a few metrics and phrases which you would possibly want to understand earlier than you begin the use of KWFinder.

Mangools Review KWFinder

Here are the reasons for some key phrases you’ll want to understand to begin the use of KWFinder:

  • SERP: Search Engine Results Page
  • Visits: The predicted range of visits according to month.
  • CPC: The common fee according to click on of the keyword. This metric is primarily based totally on Google AdWords facts.
  • Trend: This column indicates the recognition of your keyword of desire in SERPs over the past 12 months.
  • PPC (Pay-Per-Click): This abbreviation represents the keyword’s degree of opposition in paid advertising. It levels from 0 to one hundred, wherein one hundred is most and 0 is minimum.
  • DIFF: This metric is primarily based totally on the Page Authority (PA), Domain Authority (DA), MozTrust (MT) and MozRank (MR) of the rating of the page first on Google SERPs. The DIFF determines the issue of the keyword on a scale of 0 to one hundred.
  • Search: The common range of Google searches for the keyword during the last 12 months. Here, you’ll see the best seek extent for the keyword you seek.

KWFinder User Interface

KWFinder operates on an internet consumer interface. This interface lets you look at key phrases and clear out them primarily based totally on numerous alternatives.

KWFinder has 3 key-word studies alternatives for specific functions:

  • Suggestions
  • Autocomplete
  • Questions

Suggestions: This is the default seek option. It pulls in key phrases thru a set of rules to calculate applicable key phrases in the equal manner you’d count on from the use of Google’s Keyword Planner.

Autocomplete: This device searches phrases that are associated with your selected keyword. The facts of Autocomplete comes from Google Search API. This phase is especially useful while you’re engaging in keyword studies.

Questions: We regularly Google a way to do something, this means that it’s clean to increase the keyword right into a question. That’s why Mangools created this phase. By looking at your selected keyword right here, you’ll get lots of questions your target market is probably asking, which makes it less complicated and will flip your keyword right into a weblog submit.

The KWFinder Search Results Filter

They seek clear outlets in you to slender your consequences range.

You can filter key phrases that don’t meet a sure seek extent threshold in case you hold seeing plenty of low extent key phrases, or positioned the CPC or PPC into levels that match your advert finances in case you’re making plans to run paid commercials on Google Adwords.

Why Should You Use KWFinder?

  • You get your KWFinder evaluation device in a single place.
  • It generates localized keyword suggestions.
  • It offers you the maximum correct keyword facts.
  • You get to type out your seek consequences primarily based totally on your needs.
  • It allows you to discover weblog submit thoughts the use of the Questions phase.

2. SERPChecker Review: The Last Tool You’ll Need to Stalk Your Competition

Looking for an exceptional manner to stalk your opposition? Try SERPChecker. By handiest looking your selected keyword, you get to peer all of the facts of the pages your competition are rating properly with. And you may begin the use of SERPChecker robotically in case you have already got a Mangools account.

Mangools Review SERPCheacker

Just input a keyword that you need to rank for, and it’s going to offer you correct thoughts along with critical Search Engine Optimization (SEO) metrics.

Let’s say you’re operating on optimizing a weblog submit for the keyword Mangools evaluation, and also you need to peer how your opposition for this keyword is doing.

  • Step 1: Enter Mangools evaluation withinside the seek bar.
  • Step 2: Click on the “Analyze SERP” button.

You’ll get the right of entry to a web page with complete info and facts associated with your goal keyword. Your consequences will include:

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) difficulty (the in the direction of one hundred, the tougher to compete)
  • Classified consequences primarily based totally on your selected keywords SERP
  • Other search engine marketing metrics, like PA, DA, MR and lots of extra

Furthermore, you’ll have the capacity to control your metrics with the aid of using including and/or deleting displayed rating elements for your dashboard.

For example, you may song the range of backlinks to each item, the Facebook stocks or the MozTrust rating of the foundation area of each URL.

The steps above are how you operate the SERPChecker device to investigate the opposition for any precise keyword.

Generally, key phrases with pinnacle consequences’ search engine marketing difficulties (beneath neath the column Rank) starting from 0 to 50 have a tendency to be less complicated to rank for than key phrases withinside the 50 to one hundred range.

Why Should You Use SERPChecker?

  • Get localized SERP consequences.
  • Easily become aware of laptop vs. cellular seek consequences.
  • Quickly compare natural seek consequences.
  • Conduct an in-intensity study for your opposition.

3. SERPWatcher Review: The Rank Tracking Tool

Now that you’ve stalked your opposition, and also you’re properly privy to the key phrases they’re rating for, you want to begin monitoring your search engine marketing consequences and metrics.

Mangools Review SERPWatcher

That’s wherein SERPWatcher comes in.

SERPWatcher is the go-to device for monitoring your key phrases and internet site pages. By handiest including brand new monitoring in your dashboard, you’ll have limitless get right of entry to SERPWatcher.

Here’s how you may get commenced:

  • Step 1: To begin the use of SERPWatcher, you’ll want to create brand new monitoring on your internet site. You can try this with the aid of using urgent the button “Add new monitoring” withinside the proper nook of your display to be directed to a web page wherein you may upload your area call and key phrases.
  • Step 2: Click the “Start Tracking” button, and SERPWatcher will straight away start monitoring your key phrases.
  • Step 3: You’ll get all of the monitoring facts of your key phrases on SERPWatcher inside some seconds.

On your dashboard, you’ll see a Dominance Index, an aggregated metric that indicates your precise proportion of natural visitors and that’s primarily based totally on contemporary keyword positions. This index is calculated primarily based totally on the subsequent 5 elements:

  1. Search volumes
  2. Current positions
  3. Tracked key phrases
  4. Average CTR for a selected position
  5. Potential cost as in case you ranked first for all tracked key phrases

For example, in case you’re getting around 50% Dominance Index from the keyword, then it’s presently getting approximately that per cent of the entire natural seek visitors.

In addition, you’ll see all of the metrics associated with the key phrases you’ve got introduced in your monitoring at the equal dashboard. In this manner, you may see which pages are appearing properly, and which might be now no longer.

For an extra exact clarification of SERPWatcher, take a look at this video:

Why Should You Use SERPWatcher?

  • You can song each laptop and cellular consequences.
  • You can successfully use tags to prepare all your key phrases.
  • You’ll get the right of entry to reviews that you may download in CSV format.
  • You’ll get everyday updates approximately your keyword positions in Google seek.
  • You can song consequences for the particular places of your goal target market.
  • You can quickly discover the predicted visits, every day rankings, dominance index and rating distribution charts for any precise keyword.

4. LinkMiner Review: The Backlink Checker Tool

LinkMiner is a totally clean-to-use back-link checker from Mangools.

This new device is constructed to assess the back-link facts of your opposition with the aid of using presenting numerous metrics, embedded hyperlink functions and previews for filtering and saving cap potential backlinks.

Mangools Review LinkMiner

How to Run a Backlink Analysis with LinkMiner

To get commenced, you’ll handiest want to kinda legitimate area or precise URL into the primary seek window and click on at the green “Find backlinks” button.

Leave the checkbox clean to show more than one hyperlink for every referring area. You also can pick the choice to expose the handiest one hyperlink according to referring area.

Classified with the aid of using the forms of backlinks, LinkMiner displays:

  • Lost backlinks: Based on deleted backlinks.
  • New backlinks: Based on every day up to date backlinks from the closing 30 days.
  • All backlinks: Based on every day up to date backlinks from the closing ninety days.

Plus, the LinkMiner device comes with the following metrics for reading URLs and domains:

  • Referring IPs: The range of referring IPs.
  • Referring domains: The range of referring domains.
  • Total Backlinks: The overall range of backlinks is primarily based totally on the Fresh Index.
  • Citation Flow: An predicted rating among 0 to one hundred that allows to degree the hyperlink electricity or the have an effect on the hyperlink incorporates primarily based totally on what number of hyperlinks factor to it.
  • Trust Flow: An predicted rating starting from 0 to one hundred. The rating is calculated primarily based totally on what number of honest website hyperlinks on your web page.

LinkMiner Metrics

The maximum crucial metrics for hyperlink assessment are Trust Flow (TF) and Citation Flow (CF). Besides, right here are 4 different metrics you may need to do not forget whilst the use of LinkMiner.

  • AR: Alexa Rank
  • LS: Link Strength
  • FB: Number of Facebook stocks
  • EL: Number of outside hyperlinks from web page

Why Should You Use LinkMiner?

  • It previews websites that include backlinks immediately withinside the device.
  • You can categorize the hyperlinks you need to be used with an advanced, clean-to-use seek clear out.
  • The favourites panel lets you store and prefer pinnacle backlinks.

Mangools Plans and Pricing

If you’re simply beginning out and trying to use Mangools Search Engine Optimization (SEO) equipment, right here are all which you want to understand approximately pricing.

Mangools Review plan and pricing

Mangools Free Account

To strive Mangools, you may sign up on their web page to get a loose account. Every loose account consists of 3 lookups according to 24 hours and 25 associated key phrases according to seek. The equipment is all very confined at no cost accounts.

Mangools Paid Accounts

If you’re critical approximately operating for your search engine marketing and assume Mangools is the proper device for you, you’ll want to head for a paid plan.

There are presently 3 major pricing plans on Mangools: Basic, Premium and Agency.

Let’s test those plans so that you can get a higher concept of the exceptional plan that fits your commercial enterprise and finances.

1. Mangools Basic plan:

This plan costs $29 according to month (billed annually, $349 according to year) and is appropriate for bloggers and search engine marketing enthusiasts. You’ll get those functions with this plan:

  • Daily rank updates
  • Unlimited tracked domains
  • two hundred Tracked key phrases
  • one hundred SERP lookups according to 24 hours
  • one hundred KW lookups according to 24 hours
  • one hundred SERP lookups according to 24 hours
  • two hundred Related key phrases according to seek

2. Mangools Premium plan:

This plan costs $39 according to month (billed annually, $469 according to year) and is appropriate for entrepreneurs, complete-time bloggers and search engine marketing experts. Here are Mangools Premium functions:

  • Daily rank updates
  • Unlimited tracked domains
  • seven-hundred Tracked key phrases
  • 500 KW lookups according to 24 hours
  • 500 SERP lookups according to 24 hours
  • 500 SERP lookups according to 24 hours
  • 500 Related key phrases according to seek

3. Mangools Agency plan:

This plan costs $79 according to month (billed annually, $949 according to year), is appropriate for virtual entrepreneurs and is right for people who are going for walks agencies. If you circulate on with this plan, right here are the pinnacle features you’ll get:

  • Daily rank updates
  • Unlimited tracked domains
  • 1500 Tracked key phrases
  • 1200 SERP lookups according to 24 hours
  • 1200 KW lookups according to 24 hours
  • 1200 SERP lookups according to 24 hours
  • seven-hundred Related key phrases according to seek


For all Mangools subscriptions, you may handiest request refunds within 24 hours of your purchase.


If you’re a person who’s seeking out one search engine Optimization device that offers get right of entry to the whole lot from keyword studies to opposition evaluation to rank monitoring, Mangools is the proper device for you.

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