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After you’ve picked your niche, you need to do some keywords research in order to get the word out about your site. Many beginning entrepreneurs make the mistake of choosing their niche and then launching a website shortly after that with no thought to keywords research.

But entrepreneurs that grasp the benefits of well-chosen keywords take the time to research because they understand the relationship between traffic and keywords. Proper keywords research will allow you to know which words get your target audience’s attention because those are the words they use themselves in a search engine.

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Keyword research will position your website or blog at the top of search engine results so that your site receives plenty of traffic. When you’re targeting keywords, even subtle things like the plural form of a word make a difference.

For instance, if your niche is pet training then it’s important to know that the word “dog” receives forty-five million searches a month while the word “dogs” receives only sixteen million.

Your goal is to select keywords that will garner you the most searches per word. What you’re looking for is something with little competition but a lot of searches. You can shell out money to pay for fancy keyword tools like Market Samurai to help you in your quest, but there are free alternative tools like Google Adwords Keyword Tool where you still get the information you need to get the traffic you want.

Using the wrong keywords means you’re missing out on important traffic and missing out on the sales you could be making. You can use the wrong keywords and bring people to your site, but it’ll be those people who are not interested in what you’re selling. You want your keywords to be relevant to your audience.

When you build your site, you also want to make sure that you not only use keywords in your paragraphs, but you also want to make sure that you use keywords in your titles. When you pick a name for your website, select one with a keyword or keywords in the URL.

Remember the better you use SEO on your site, the higher it will rank when search engines display the results. One of the mistakes entrepreneurs make is naming their pages incorrectly in general.

Be specific. Don’t have an “About” page. Going back to the earlier example of pet training, have an “About Pet Training” page. When you put up a contact page or box, use a keyword phrase there as well. Such as, “Contact me for more information on pet training”. This nets you additional keywords.


Regardless of what niche you’ve chosen, it’s important that you learn how to brand yourself online. Branding yourself in your niche can be as simple as creating a slogan or a tagline that allows others to easily recognize you. You want your “brand” to be viewed as the top authority. You want to be the go-to guru in your industry, so choose a brand wisely.

You can start by coming up with a few keywords that people already associate with your business. Look over what words are driving traffic to your site. Do visitors happen on your site after searching for words like “dog training’ or “caring for pets?’

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If you don’t have sufficient website traffic to view the analytics yet, then try asking people familiar with your business what words they’d used to describe it. Once you’ve come up with words describing your online presence, look for an easy to remember tagline.

For instance, if you run a parenting website that also discusses frugal living, you could brand yourself as the frugal mom shopper. Once you’ve come up with a tagline that you like to describe yourself or your business, start sharing it with everyone.

Sign your blog posts with it. Use it on your website. Instead of having an about page, try having a page on your website “about the frugal mother.’ This provides you with one more way to brand yourself.

Add your slogan to your email and forum signatures. While you may have heard that no one likes a braggart, in the case of online marketing, it’s not only acceptable to brag about yourself, but it’s a way to rise to the top of your niche.

Businesses use this technique offline as well. For example, you’ve heard the phrase “Finger-lickin’ good’ used by Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurants. They wouldn’t say, “passably good chicken.’ Who’d want to eat there?

Brand yourself by building an audience that views you as a helpful resource and they’ll help spread the word about you, too. Word of mouth is very powerful in branding, so treat every prospect well.

If you’re pursuing article marketing, make sure that you add a short biography that mentions your slogan and your website. This biography should be the same for all the articles so that visitors begin to recognize your name and associate you with your brand.

Brand yourself by guest authoring to an already established audience. Find a blog that’s similar to yours and offer to write a guest post. You can use one of your articles as a forum topic as well. Forums often rank high in Google because like blogs, they are continually updated. If you brand yourself as an expert, people will begin to think of you as one.


One of the quickest routes to a business failure is to pick a niche that doesn’t have the potential to bring in the profits you’re looking for. The way to discover which niche has the ability to make money is easy. You have to do your research.

First, you’re going to want to select a niche that you’re personally interested in – even if it’s one that you don’t know a lot about. You can always learn what you need to know, but if the niche is too technical or you consider it boring, you’re going to be as happy working on it as you would be getting a tooth pulled.

Choose a niche that not only interests you, but one that you feel excited about working on. That way, you’ll stay pumped up and eagerly look forward to growing your business. To find a niche that’ll bring in the kind of money you’re after, seek what the big companies look for.

What are the hot selling items? You don’t have to know this off the top of your head. Look for these top-selling items on sites such as Amazon or eBay or other market websites.

The bestsellers (just check to see what ranking the items have) will tell you what the pulse of the people buying is. So for example, if you see that on Amazon, a product sells well enough to be in the top ten, you know you’re onto something. Let’s say one of those products was a brand new fitness gadget and they were selling like hotcakes. You’d find plenty of potential by tapping into that market.

You’ll want to check out the self-help books to see what’s selling there. Books on depression, weight loss, and relationships always sell well and that’s a clue to let you know that the market is and always will be wide open for self-help niches and the products that you can by dealing with that subject.

If you become an affiliate, you’ll want to pay attention to the dollar amount you’ll earn by becoming an affiliate rather than the percent of commission. You’ll earn more money that way. Look for tangible products for your niche as well.

Make sure you don’t make the mistake of setting up a niche based on what’s considered a here today, gone tomorrow item. Remember the Beanie Babies? They were all the rage and people just couldn’t get enough of them. But where are they now? They fell off the scene because they were just a fad. You want to seek out a niche that has long termed potential so that your business will thrive now and for many years to come.


With the technology boom came the slow, almost phasing out the way that companies handle information. You’ll find less and less information on paper and more and more stored instead of directly on the computer.

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As a result, the need to have someone who knows how to work as a data entry clerk isn’t that high. The companies that do need paper information put into the computer usually use someone that already works for the company in order to save themselves money.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t work from home anyway. It just means that you have to step back and refocus your drive and skills into a new area – one of the areas that are booming now and has been steady for years is that of Internet marketing.

Basically, this type of business means that you’re promoting something, helping others, or teaching people who know less than you. That something can either be a tangible product or something digital, like an book. You can either promote for others or market something you create yourself.

For example, you can offer a service that other marketers need. You might set up a website that writes product descriptions based on Amazon.com or ClickBank.com most popular items. Rather than taking the time to write up those descriptions themselves, marketers can just buy from you.

You can also set up a membership site where you charge a monthly fee to share what you know about marketing. Obviously, this wouldn’t be a good idea for someone who was new to Internet marketing, but once you know the basics, you can turn around and teach those who know less than you.

You can set up a site that sells blog or website content. Marketers always need fresh content. You can set it up like a PLR store and offer ready made content or you can set it up and take special orders as a ghostwriter. You can brand yourself as an expert in a particular niche and create a demand for your services.


Work at home data entry jobs are still available, but you might fare better if you opt to pursue another work at the home business model, becoming an entrepreneur who meets the needs of others and sets his or her own price for your skills.

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